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Business English

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Levels B-C
Business English Coursebook & Audio-visual material

Do you need to speak English fluently for success in your professional career?

Discover the PTC Business English course, carefully designed for professionals to help develop confidence and fluency when discussing business in English.

Using advanced and highly recommended coursebooks and audio-visual materials, we help to improve your speaking, writing and listening skills.

Communicate with ease.

The course aims, above all, to develop your formal communication skills for meetings and emails, as well as your ability to discuss current affairs.

Enrich your vocabulary.

Our tutors expand your vocabulary by focussing on your area of business, ensuring fast progression in your working life.

Improve grammar.

The course is complemented by exercises for English grammar (through our recommended English grammar book in print and e-book format & grammar app) and pronunciation exercises to enable you to communicate your ideas with precision and confidence.

Discover a modern learning experience.

Lessons are based on finely selected, dynamic and modern coursebooks with authentic listening exercises, designed to develop natural Business English. Our mission is to help you feel natural, fluent and confident when discussing business in English.

Book your Business English course now to excel in the dominant language of international business relations. Contact +44 (0) 207 427 60 93 or for further details.