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Terms and Conditions


Use of the Private Tuition Club website means that you agree with the following terms and conditions. Copyright on this website and its content belong to Private Tuition Club. All rights reserved.

These terms and conditions control your use of our website; by using our website and services, you fully accept these terms and conditions. If you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of these terms and conditions, we advise you not to use our website or services.

Under no circumstances is Private Tuition Club liable in connection with the use of the information made available, unless specifically stated otherwise. Private Tuition Club does not guarantee that the Web Site or the server, which make this Web Site available, are free from viruses or any other harmful elements.

The website may provide external links which are beyond the control and responsibility of Private Tuition Club.



“Tutor” means the person introduced by the Employment Business to the Client for an Engagement; “Tutor” includes coaches, mentors, governors, nannies and any other advisory or educational support staff in the UK, online or internationally on any basis (long term, short-term, permanent).

“Client” means the person to whom the introduction of a Tutor is made and includes pupils/tutees and their representatives.

“Client Representative” Any person authorised to act on behalf/to represent the Client 

“Employment Business” means Private Tuition Club Limited, Office 3, 05 1 King St, London EC2V 8AU. 

“Engage, Engagement” means the Client using a Tutor for tuition in person and /or online in the UK or internationally.

“Introduction” means the passing to the Client of Tutor Information and vice-versa.

“Agreed Hourly rate” means the rate payable for tutor engagement (tuition) as agreed between the Employment Business and the Tutor via email;

“Initial/Trial Session” means the first hour of an initial online or in person meeting between the Client/Client’s representative and the Tutor.

“Tutor Information” means contact or personal details (telephone number, email, CV) of a Tutor provided by the tutor to the Employment Business through their application for employment with Private Tuition Club Ltd;

“Billed, Billing” means request of funds by the Employment Business for tutor engagement sent to the client directly via invoice or digital link.

“Invoice/ Invoicing” means request of funds by the Tutor to the Employment Business for tutor engagement- ie tuition services in person or online.



The process of billing clients is a responsibility under the control of the Employment Business, Private Tuition Club Ltd. An agreed hourly rate for tutor engagement online or in person shall be confirmed via email with the tutor. The agreed hourly rate cannot be changed by the tutor once tuition starts. The tutor must accept the agreed hourly rate before engaging with any Private Tuition Club client.  The agreed hourly rate cannot be changed once the tutor accepts engagement with a specific client throughout the tuition services.

Private Tuition Club Limited bills clients or client representatives directly for tuition services. Under no circumstances can tutors arrange billing or accept payment directly with/from the client or their representatives. Tutors are not to discuss agreed hourly rates or billing with the client at any stage of engagement- including trial sessions. Billing and negotiation of the agreed hourly rates are solely under the control of Private Tuition Club Limited. Private Tuition Club Ltd reserves the right to terminate professional relationship with any tutor who violates the aforementioned payment terms and recuperate funds paid directly to the tutor without the knowledge of Private Tuition Club Ltd.



Tutors are not permitted to make private arrangements for tuition with a Client introduced by Private Tuition Club. Should a Tutor breach this obligation, they will be liable to account to Private Tuition Club for all sums paid to the Tutor without deduction and Private Tuition Club shall be entitled to obtain an injunction against a Tutor to prevent further breaches. This obligation shall continue notwithstanding termination of this agreement.



Tutors are required to submit an invoice by filling in the Private Tuition Club invoice template by the 27th of each month, detailing hours of engagement for their tuition services online or in person.  Invoices are to be sent by the tutor directly via email to alongside the statement ‘feedback complete’ to confirm the tutor has completed feedback on that month’s engagement with the pupil. It is the responsibility of the tutor to submit their invoice on time to ensure that they are paid on time. Payments shall be made to the tutor by the 7th of the following month for the previous month’s engagement. 



An initial trial session shall be arranged with the client’s chosen tutor. The initial trial session is payable at the tutor’s agreed hourly rate unless agreed otherwise. Payment for the trial session must be added to the tutor’s monthly invoice by the 27th of the trial session month.



Once the Client is happy with the tutor after the trial session, an arranged longer-term schedule of engagement will be agreed that is convenient for the tutor and client. Tutors must be aware that if a client requests a specific day for sessions to take place over the longer term, tutors must adhere to this agreement throughout the tuition or provide a valid reason for the change in scheduling.



Tutors are responsible for creating suitable and challenging resources for their sessions. Tutors are free to purchase resources at their own expense, unless otherwise discussed and agreed with Private Tuition Club. In some cases, the client may cover the cost of resources provided the tutor sends receipts and adds the resource expense to their monthly invoice. Tutors must discuss purchase of resources with Private Tuition Club prior to purchasing, otherwise payment of resources by the Client cannot be guaranteed. Tutors must discuss travel expenses with Private Tuition Club to confirm the arrangement regarding travel expenses prior to engagement with the Client.



Private Tuition Club is an agent on the tutor’s behalf and will introduce the tutor to the Client. To arrange lessons effectively, the Tutor must provide a CV, telephone number and email address. Further details on how we use tutor information can be found via the Private Tuition Club Privacy Policy at



Private Tuition Club does not accept liability for claims by the Tutor arising out of or related to the carrying out of the tutoring by a Tutor introduced by Private Tuition Club.



All Private Tuition Club tutors are self-employed and are liable to pay their own taxes. Private Tuition Club holds no liability for the tax affairs of tutors related to private tuition or tax issues arising as a result of private tuition.



Both the client and the tutor must notify the other party in advance of any holiday commitments they have arranged and any changes to the tuition timetable due to ill health or other unforeseen circumstances. An alternative date will be arranged. 24 hours cancellation notice of any session must be given by clients and teachers. In cases where a tutor cancels without 24hrs notice, the tutor shall re-arrange to deliver their session at earliest possible date and convenience for the client. 



The tutor and the client are responsible for agreeing on a suitable environment for tuition to take place. Private Tuition Club accepts no liability for an unsuitable environment agreed by either or both parties. The tutor is responsible for ensuring stable internet access and a quiet environment for sessions. Failure to do so may lead to termination of the professional relationship.



All tutors who have submitted an employment application with us via the Private Tuition Club website are assumed to agree to these Terms and Conditions. Tutor breaches of any of the above terms and conditions will be forwarded to the Private Tuition Club Legal team for further investigation and handling.