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Private Tuition Club


  • A bespoke homeschooling curriculum to enable your child to thriveHomeschooling gives your child the possibility to study a range of syllabuses from IGCSE to International Baccalaureate to A level, responding to the child’s individual needs. Unlike the classroom, one-on-one tutoring allows a child’s unique learning style to be catered for. Whether your child learns best kinesthetically, visually or auditorily, our tutors understand that learning is individual and tailor their lessons to your child’s needs. Employing private tutors allows your child to achieve their academic potential, working towards entrance to prestigious schools and universities in a nurturing and rewarding way.
  • Learn with professional home school tutorsAt Private Tuition Club, we employ highly qualified private teachers recruited from the world’s leading universities. Learning with our hand-picked tutors not only inspires your child to achieve but gives them first-hand knowledge of the UK education system and universities. Our private tutors understand learning in the twenty-first century. With our engaging online lessons your child will interact and learn whilst keeping up to date with modern technology and the latest resources.
  • Flexible homeschool programsOur flexible learning environment enables freedom from strict timetables and allows your child to explore the world around them. Whether through international travel or visits to cultural sites using the latest VR technology and homeschooling resources, homeschooling enables your child to stay engaged and learn through the most advanced and innovative methods. If your child has particular medical or learning needs, our flexible learning style is ideally suited.
  • A home education to develop self-confidence Individual tuition allows your child to explore the world in their own way, developing independence and confidence. Working with a private tutor one-on-one forms rapport between student and teacher. The relationships made are meaningful and encourage stimulating and mature academic discussion.

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Private Tuition Club

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How much does homeschooling cost?

Our tutors receive 75% of the overall client fee. Our commission fee is 25% of the agreed teacher salary (subject to contract). Pricing is dependent on a client’s individual needs, so we encourage you to call us on +44 (0) 207 427 60 93 to discuss your budget and requirements. We pride ourselves on the quality of our tutors and our tutorials are a competitive price for the skill and qualifications of our tutors.

The Process


Start Application Process

Our guided application process enables your child to find the best fit with our tutors. We start the process with a client meeting in which we assess you and your child’s individual needs and desires. By shortlisting candidates, we find personalized tutors that will allow your child to learn, have fun, and achieve.


Submit Registration Fee

A registration deposit is required in order for the PTC team to begin your search for the right candidate. 


Last Decision

It takes roughly three months to find a teacher to match your child. Once we have a suitable candidate we will draw up an appropriate contract for the duration of your child’s tutoring.

Do you want to find about more about giving your child the best start in life? Call us today on 0207 427 6093 or email to start your journey. contact us now