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Private Tutor Geneva

We offer the opportunity for exclusive families in Geneva and throughout Switzerland to profit from the very best of British educational standards with PTC international tutors. As learning has no geographical barriers, our team of first class Oxford and Cambridge tutors commissioned to Geneva share their unrivalled knowledge and one-to-one assistance to pupils seeking academic support when relocating and settling into Geneva and a new or unfamiliar curriculum.

Residential Tuition for families relocating to Geneva 

PTC tutors are experienced in diverse international curriculums including IGCSE, A Level, the PYP, MYP, IB Diploma, and the new IB Career-related programme, covering all stages of the International Baccalaureate (IB). We select the most qualified international tutors with first hand experience of your specific curriculum (often full marks in the IB and A*s at IGCSE and A Level) and ample teaching experience internationally.

Advanced learning methods & ongoing feedback 

A PTC tutor provides a professional, friendly yet challenging learning experience to stretch the highest achievers and those looking for technologically advanced learning, with the brightest minds on the market. Unique in the education services industry, we offer ongoing feedback and assessment to all PTC pupils. In this way, you’re guaranteed to keep informed with progress made throughout the tuition journey, which we believe is vital for your success. As parents, investing in the right tutors in the first step, however we go the extra mile to ensure that tuition is:

  • Based on a long term learning plan & structured syllabus
  • Led by highly qualified tutors, who’ve mastered your specific international curriculum
  • Built on regular assessment after each major unit or topic
  • An opportunity for pupils to reflect on learning after assessment
  • Enjoyable yet challenging 
  • Facilitated by the latest technology rather than antiquated methods
  • A way to train learners with the key academic, life and business skills required in the 21st century. 

Families looking for an international private tutor in Geneva to bring the best results can submit their tuition request to:

  • +44 207 459 45 72
  • whatsapp + 750 777 47 37

A member of the PTC customer service team will respond within 1-2 hours. 



Bringing the highest standards of British education, the most up-to-date resources and the latest technology to Geneva Switzerland. 


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